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Painting By Numbers, An Anti-stress Activity !

Painting by numbers, an anti-stress activity !

In our daily lives, we are all more or less confronted with stress: work stress, health problems, relationship problems, how to escape from it?

Specialists propose two more or less widespread methods to escape from daily worries: meditation and hyper concentration; both combine perfectly with the creative activity of painting by numbers.

Thus, for several years, there has been a boom in relaxation through art and number painting. Some therapists refer to paint by numbers as an art therapy.

A reminder of the importance of relaxation and the benefits of meditation.

Meditation frees and calms your mind by emptying it. Do you find that you no longer take the time to let your imagination run free?

Since the advent of smartphones, our attention span has diminished dramatically, we are constantly occupied with our digital devices, and we are losing the ability to step back and get out of this hellish spiral of an ultra-connected world.

It strongly affects our emotions and our ability to make the right decisions to achieve happiness.

How does our brain work?

Similarly, we often hear about productivity, saving time and multitasking as much as possible... but the human brain was not created that way.

This causes an emotional overload that robs you of your freedom of thought.

So take action and take back control now!

Painting by numbers allows you to improve your ability to concentrate while relaxing. What more can you ask for?

Goodbye to attention problems with hyper concentration!

The second technique to eliminate stress, but also to strongly develop your concentration skills, is called hyper concentration.

It consists of concentrating 100% on the realization of a task during a defined period of time, without distractions (telephone, television, etc.) which corresponds perfectly to the manual activity of painting with numbers.

A total concentration with a guided method that allows you to obtain a very pleasant result.

Hyper concentration with paint by numbers

Perhaps you are aware that your mind has trouble concentrating? It may seem difficult at first, because your brain is not used to this hyper concentration anymore, but little by little, with a little effort and patience, the results are incredible and will radically change your daily life.

And what better way to practice this hyper concentration than painting by numbers?

A fun method, where you control the process from A to Z with the painting of each numbered square.

Live the experience to the fullest, move forward and immerse yourself completely in the painting, each brushstroke, each change of color to finally achieve a magnificent work.

Feel the emotions that each movement gives you, each small step that brings you closer to the final goal. (See the advantages of painting by numbers)

Who is at the origin of the painting by number?

Dan Robbins invented this revolutionary concept in the 1950s, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci who, in his time, gave numbered drawings to his students to train them and help them progress.

How do you paint on canvas when you are a beginner? Find the miracle solution: a paint kit with numbered pots, a canvas to paint with numbers and brushes. That's it!

Dan Robbins came up with the idea in 1949, while working for the Palmer Paint Company in Detroit, with a plan to come up with a creative entertainment product for adults. With the end of World War II, Americans had more time for hobbies and leisure of all kinds.

The phenomenon grew in the United States and became the favorite pastime of an entire generation.

At that time, there were no computers and the creation and production of paint-by-numbers was very much a cottage industry. The first kits were fairly simple with only a few colors, then became more sophisticated with the addition of a multitude of colors until they are available today.

The first painting by numbers

This is Robbins' first numbered painting entitled: "Abstract No. One", which was a still life. His team went on to name much more popular and varied landscape designs.

By the 1950s, more than 20 million numbered painting kits were sold annually in the United States.

"The art world was not always kind to paint-by-number, criticizing the method because it allowed anyone to produce fabulous work.

Celebrities such as Andy Warhol, known for his reproductions, were strong supporters of paint-by-number and were fans and collectors of the art form.

Dan Robbins was active until the late 1980s and his work is still on display at the Detroit Historical Museum.

Robbins had a simple idea: make art accessible to everyone. Paint By Numbers Paradise follows in the footsteps of the father of paint-by-numbers to bring you more design and variety in his paint-by-numbers.

Relaxation through art at Paint By Numbers

 At Paint By Numbers Paradise's, we never tire of offering ways to reduce stress and you can count on us to come up with the most beautiful reasons and ideas to relax.

Some creative hobbies can be expensive, but this is not the case with painting by number, which is accessible to everyone.

Painting by number is a creative hobby for adults, which is also perfectly suitable for children, which is why we have developed, in collaboration with parents, a range of paintings for children.

Some start very early, it is not uncommon to see children start painting by numbers before the age of 10. Painting by numbers is a great idea for a creative gift, for art lovers in general or for do-it-yourselfers.

In fact, it's really nice to see your work progress to a quality almost equal to that of renowned artists. And yes, believe in yourself, you are capable, move slowly, step by step and progress in art and life at your own pace. It's not a race, it's a long way to fulfillment.

So don't hesitate and try this creative hobby with a ready-to-use kit including canvas, brushes and quality acrylic paints.

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