Paint By Numbers Lion

The lion is the king of the savannah, the best of the circus, the star animal of the zoo. This feline is imposing and majestic.

Symbolism of the lion

The lion symbolizes :

  • Strength and self-assertion
  • The courage to face life's challenges with confidence
  • Strong emotions such as anger, aggression directed at someone else or at yourself
  • The tension of dealing with these feelings
  • The Lion totem warns you of a situation or person you feel is threatening.

Our Lion Paint By Numbers

We carry a wide selection of paint by numbers kits representing your favorite feline. Choose now:

  • Colourful lion paint by numbers
  • Diy painting by numbers 
  • Lion Hipster

Make your choice and enjoy our free shipping. Moreover, these paint by numbers can be a perfect gift. 

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