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Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher
Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher
Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher
Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher
Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher
Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher

Paint By Numbers Cat Birds Catcher

  • $24.95

This paint by numbers represents a cat that goes hunting for birds. He carries in one hand a cage and the other a net.

The paint-by-number kit is ready to use and contains all the necessary materials to create your work:

  • 1 Numbered linen canvas (size: From 16 "x20"/40x50cm to 35 "x47"/90x120cm)
  • 3 brushes of different sizes
  • Numbered jars of acrylic paint
  • A miniature photo of the artwork to guide you during the activity
  • A wooden frame (optional)
  • 2 screws + 2 wall hooks (depending on the frame chosen)

Check out our blog post: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Paint By Numbers and learn to paint like an artist.

If not, you can visit the paint by numbers cat collection to see all the models representing your favorite animal. If you are not interested in this pet, discover all our models in the paint by numbers animals collection dedicated to all the paintings representing different animals.

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The Benefits Of Painting By Number

Allows you to relax

There is no more wonderful feeling than producing your own work of art. Paint by numbers will help you forget your worries and relax. This activity will reduce your stress level while introducing you to painting.

Painting made easy

You don't need to have any special skills for this activity. Just follow the simple instructions provided and create beautiful works of art.

Decorate your home

What could be more satisfying than hanging your own creations on your walls?

Create stronger bonds with your loved ones

Sharing a common activity allows you to create or reinforce strong bonds with close friends or family members. Paint as a couple or with your siblings to create strong bonds.

Perfect gift

Finding a gift idea for a friend, spouse or family member can sometimes be tricky. Give a Paint By Numbers Kit to your loved ones. You can choose to give them a kit that they will have to complete themselves or that you have already completed.

A good introduction for children

This kit helps children to learn about painting. This activity allows them to have a better concentration, stimulates their thinking, teaches them patience and to be attentive to details.

What is Paint by Numbers?

Paint by Numbers is a fun and accessible hobby that will allow you to start painting works of art easily while perfecting your technique.

1) Choose the painting you want from our wide selection of paint by numbers kits.

2) You will receive a ready-to-use kit containing the canvas with numbered areas, numbered paint cans, brushes and a photo of the expected result to guide you.

3) Paint each number on the canvas with the corresponding paint color.

4) When you have completed your masterpiece you can give it away or frame it and hang it on your wall.

This guided method allows everyone to improve quickly and to produce paintings of very high quality. Awaken the artist in you!

For more information, you can read our complete guide to painting by number.