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Paint By Numbers Frog With Glasses
Paint By Numbers Frog With Glasses

Paint By Numbers Frog With Glasses

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This paint by numbers represents a frog with a pair of glasses. It's an unusual but funny situation.

The benefits of painting by number

Allows you to relax

There is no more wonderful feeling than producing your own work of art. Paint by numbers will help you forget your worries and relax. This activity will reduce your stress level while introducing you to painting.

Painting made easy

You don't need to have any special skills for this activity. Just follow the simple instructions provided and create beautiful works of art.

Decorate your home

What could be more satisfying than hanging your own creations on your walls?

Create stronger bonds with your loved ones

Sharing a common activity allows you to create or reinforce strong bonds with close friends or family members. Paint as a couple or with your siblings to create strong bonds.

Perfect gift

Finding a gift idea for a friend, spouse or family member can sometimes be tricky. Give a Paint By Numbers Kit to your loved ones. You can choose to give them a kit that they will have to complete themselves or that you have already completed.

A good introduction for children

This kit helps children to learn about painting. This activity allows them to have a better concentration, stimulates their thinking, teaches them patience and to be attentive to details.

DIY Home Decoration

  • Paint your own wall art, even if you're not really into art
  • What's in your Paint by Numbers Kit?
  • A high quality linen canvas (with or without frame)
  • A set of numbered acrylic-based paints
  • A set of 3 brushes for better paint application
  • Varnish to add luminosity and preserve the paint
  • Hanging kit including no-trace frame brackets, screws and a spirit level
  • Easy to follow instructions

Choice of frame

  • No Frame: Our canvases are rolled in a protective tube. No frame is included.
  • DIY Frame: Our canvases are rolled on a protective tube with 4 pine parts that make up the frame. They are easy to assemble.
  • Ready Frame: The canvas is already installed on a frame, ready to be painted and hung. It is shipped in a protective box with several layers of bubble wrap.

Available sizes

Paint By Numbers Paradise offers several sizes of canvas.

  • 40x 50 cm (no frame, diy frame or ready frame) 
  • 50 x 65 cm (no frame, diy frame)
  • 60 x 75 cm (no frame, diy frame) 

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Paint By Numbers Frog With Glasses
Paint By Numbers Frog With Glasses