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The Origin of Art Therapy

The Origin of Art Therapy

Many people wonder where art therapy comes from and what its benefits are. You might also wonder what would be the best approach for someone who has never drawn or painted in their life? And where to start?

Art therapy is about using art as a therapeutic tool to heal psychological disorders, fears, personal blocks, past traumas and other disorders.

But beyond the purely therapeutic objectives, art therapy is a technique for personal development, self-awareness and emotional expression. It is therefore not necessary to suffer from any psychological disorder, but simply to feel the need to explore oneself through art.

If art therapy was first used for purely therapeutic purposes, it has now broadened its scope...

In this article, we will discover what art therapy is as well as simple, fun, enriching and very effective methods to put in place for your well-being.

Enjoy your reading,

Art therapy

Human beings have used art as a means of expression even before the appearance of verbal language. Art is a different way to dive into ourselves, to explore our deepest self. It has an integrating effect on the human being since it contemplates the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual parts.

Its origins go back to the time of the cavemen. Already at that time, human beings created artistic expressions that represented their way of life, their customs, by capturing their images and perceptions on the walls of caves. Since then, art has been a tool through which man expresses himself, connects to his being, expresses his feelings and thus relieves his physical, emotional or spiritual pain.

Later, in classical antiquity, the therapeutic properties of art and the benefits of its practice for the general balance of the human being and the elevation of consciousness were discovered. By regaining harmony between body and mind through learning the crafts, these people were brought back into harmony with their inner selves and with the rest of society.

Healing through art

But it was in the 19th century that a group of European psychiatrists began to take an interest in the artistic productions of the mentally ill. Particularly noteworthy at that time was the contribution of Hans Prinzhorn, a Viennese psychiatrist, who considered creative motivation to be a fundamental motivation of the human species and that all creation had a self-healing potential.

Later, in the 20th century, art therapy became institutionalized as a profession, taking two schools of thought as references: psychoanalysis and art education. Around the 1940s, it began to be practiced on the basis of the therapeutic outcome of creative activity. Therefore, the fathers of art therapy are considered to be Jung, Freud and Steiner. The contributions of Winnicott, Kramer and Gombrich are also relevant.

The influence of the Gestalt school is particularly important, when Fritz Perls gave a new direction to humanistic psychology. Gestalt therapy focuses more on process than on content. It focuses on what is happening, rather than what was, could have been, could be or should be.

How does art therapy work?

Through different artistic manifestations: painting, theater, modeling, collage, dance, writing, music, etc., we express what we keep within us. Our conflicts, our fears, our anxieties, our needs, our frustrations, our desires, our dreams... come to the surface when we let ourselves be carried away by the work we represent.

In Gestalt art therapy, no one other than the author interprets the work. The therapist offers a series of instructions or directions and exercises to do, but it is the person who knows what their work means, whether the results are then shared with the therapist or with the group.

It is therefore important that the work takes place without talking, that there are no external interruptions that can take the artist out of connection with the task. It is through the creative activity that the person reaches the conscious realization of the exercise, in which the most unconscious part manifests itself.

Art therapy does not require any special skills

Furthermore, it does not require brilliant artistic skills, nor does it require that the result of the work be of great artistic value. Without requiring great artistic skills or knowledge, the work still has value because it is born of the authenticity of the creator. For this, it is essential that the work is done with sufficient spontaneity, responsibility, awareness and sincerity.

The greatest value is what the person saves from within, what they discover and the changes that take place within them. Once the awareness is acquired, a good dose of self-responsibility is necessary: that the person commits to making certain corrections in his or her way of acting.

But it is by observing and reflecting on the creation that the therapist and patient see the inner world reflected and establish where the imbalance lies. The artistic elements form the basis for awareness, from which changes can then be made and transferred into everyday life. It therefore requires a commitment on the part of the patient, as he or she must take responsibility for their own healing process.

 Painting by numbers as a therapy?

One of the most popular activities to consider in recent years is without a doubt painting by numbers.

That's why there are many online stores that specialize in painting by numbers. If you are interested in painting by numbers, Paint By Numbers Paradise, offers you everything you need to make painting by numbers a simple and challenging task, and thus enjoy all the benefits it brings to your well-being.

Painting by numbers is an artistic method and creative hobby that involves painting a piece of art on a pre-printed canvas, divided into a multitude of numbered areas.

The key is to paint each numbered area (corresponding to a color) with the associated can of paint, ultimately creating a work of art from scratch.
Many models are available with fully equipped kits that include all the materials needed for painting.

The benefits of paint by numbers

1) Reduces stress

One of the main benefits may be stress reduction. Studies have shown that art techniques end up affecting various stress-producing hormones in the body.
Spending time painting in the peace and quiet of your home after a long day can help you release stress and avoid the problems it causes to your mind and body.

2) Reduces depression

It has also been found that painting can reduce the symptoms of depression, one of the most damaging ailments today. This is because the satisfaction of completing a job gives them a sense of pride, which improves their mood.
In addition, since the paintings have their respective numbers, one can achieve a more professional and quality result, which gives a sense of accomplishment. It also helps to reduce anxiety and distress, thus improving self-esteem and confidence.

3) Focus

By having to paint guided by the numbers and their respective delineations, you will be more focused on following all the essential elements to achieve a professional painting.
It also stimulates the will to finish it to see how it turned out, which will allow you to be more disciplined once the painting is done.

4) Skills

Even if you have guides to help you paint, you can learn how to paint by learning styles, paints and brushes, which will eventually improve your painting skills so that you can develop and learn enough to make your own paintings.
Likewise, your children can benefit from painting by numbers, which stimulates their imagination, creativity, attention span and even empathy.
So, if you're looking for a healthy way to spend your time at home, learning to paint with these boards can be the perfect solution for you and your children to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Painting by number, very easy to use!

Painting by numbers highlights the fact that a painting is constructed from a multitude of shapes and colors. The whole thing taken separately seems rather abstract, but if you do it from start to finish, it makes sense.

Painting by numbers also allows you to learn from a photograph and clearly identify the different areas, tonal changes and color variations. With experience, you will become more proficient in your brushstrokes and be able to easily visualize the different areas of a photo.

Where to find paint-by-number paintings?

You can find this type of paintings at Paint By Numbers Paradise very large specialist in the sale in the art world at very affordable prices, which allows you to have a wide choice among the famous paintings of renowned painters, animals, flowers, cities landscapes, so you can paint what catches your attention.

In addition, the kits include the necessary to paint them, the respective watercolors of different colors and properly identified so you can know in which issue they go, as well as the brushes needed to create an authentic work of art. #link collection

You can also choose a custom design, whether it's your face, your child's face or a scene that moved you, so the store can identify each piece with numbers and you can paint it.

You can also find frames, in case you want to give your paint-by-numbers a more attractive look and hang them on your living room walls.

Painting by numbers has become a fun and soothing way to recreate a piece of art that you love.

You can learn to paint and enjoy all the benefits of painting at the same time, improving the quality of your life or your children's lives.

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