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paint by numbers unpainted

Step 1 : Prepare your material

Prepare your material (brushes, acrylic paint) and sit on a flat surface in a quiet space.
paint by numbers half painted

Step 2 : Paint respecting the colors

Start painting. Simply match the paint number (visible on the can) to the number on the canvas. It's time to isolate yourself from the outside world and relax by focusing on the painting.
paint by numbers painted

Step 3: Admire and enjoy your work

Once your painting is finished, you can put it on a frame (if you have one) and hang it on your wall.

How Paint By Numbers reduces anxiety and stress

Art therapy is used to reduce stress, regardless of the individual's artistic level. American researchers have proven that engaging in an artistic activity does indeed reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

At the end of the experiment, the researchers found that more than 75% of the participants had seen their cortisol levels drop.

According to the testimonies collected, most of the patients found the test very relaxing, with a level of anxiety that dropped within the first five minutes for some. Others reported being less haunted by intrusive thoughts and also an ability to put things into perspective.

Why not try art therapy with our paint by numbers.