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Choose from over 500 paint by numbers kits for adults. Hundreds of satisfied customers recommend this selection of products. Which one of them will you fall for?

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paint by numbers unpainted

Step 1 : Prepare your material

Prepare your material (brushes, acrylic paint) and sit on a flat surface in a quiet space.
paint by numbers half painted

Step 2 : Paint respecting the colors

Start painting. Simply match the paint number (visible on the can) to the number on the canvas. It's time to isolate yourself from the outside world and relax by focusing on the painting.
paint by numbers painted

Step 3: Admire and enjoy your work

Once your painting is finished, you can put it on a frame (if you have one) and hang it on your wall.

The Benefits Of Painting By Number

Allows you to relax

There is no more wonderful feeling than producing your own work of art. Paint by numbers will help you forget your worries and relax. This activity will reduce your stress level while introducing you to painting.

Painting made easy

You don't need to have any special skills for this activity. Just follow the simple instructions provided and create beautiful works of art.

Decorate your home

What could be more satisfying than hanging your own creations on your walls?

Create stronger bonds with your loved ones

Sharing a common activity allows you to create or reinforce strong bonds with close friends or family members. Paint as a couple or with your siblings to create strong bonds.

Perfect gift

Finding a gift idea for a friend, spouse or family member can sometimes be tricky. Give a Paint By Numbers Kit to your loved ones. You can choose to give them a kit that they will have to complete themselves or that you have already completed.

A good introduction for children

This kit helps children to learn about painting. This activity allows them to have a better concentration, stimulates their thinking, teaches them patience and to be attentive to details.

The Benefits Of Painting By Number

How Paint By Numbers reduces anxiety and stress

Art therapy is used to reduce stress, regardless of the individual's artistic level. American researchers have proven that engaging in an artistic activity does indeed reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

At the end of the experiment, the researchers found that more than 75% of the participants had seen their cortisol levels drop.

According to the testimonies collected, most of the patients found the test very relaxing, with a level of anxiety that dropped within the first five minutes for some. Others reported being less haunted by intrusive thoughts and also an ability to put things into perspective.

Why not try art therapy with our paint by numbers.

Paint By Numbers Strategy

In this blog you will find different tips and tricks to make this activity easier.

You will also be able to know everything there is to know about paint by numbers, who invented this activity, its history, etc.

Art Blog

Check out our various blog posts about the different art forms and everything you need to know about painting.

Painting is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. It's a relaxing art form that frees up your creative spirit and reduces your stress level. Choose from our adult acrylic painting kits and immerse yourself in the world of creative art no matter what your level (beginner or expert). With our paint kits from Paint By Numbers Paradise, anyone can create masterpieces!

Who should buy paint by numbers kits for adults?

Paint by numbers are universal gifts that can be used by children (of a certain age) as well as adults. You can choose from a wide selection of products. It goes through a paint by numbers representing animals, landscapes, birds, cities, etc.. You can choose an image you like and then, when it is finished, hang it on a wall and beautify your home or office. You can also choose the size of your canvas (small or large paint by numbers). These products are for people who want to start painting or for people with a more advanced level.

How and where to buy adult paint by numbers?

Ordering your paint by numbers kits has never been easier, simply choose the item you wish to purchase and proceed to checkout. Then you will be asked to provide a shipping address and select the payment method. Plus, you can take advantage of our free shipping! So why not try painting by number today?

Free your inner artist and forget your stress with painting by numbers

Painting by number is no longer reserved exclusively for experienced artists. With the help of our adults paint by numbers kits, you have the opportunity to develop your talents and your self-confidence. Simply follow the numbered areas on the canvas. One number for each color of paint is no more difficult than our beloved childhood coloring books.

Numbered paint, or sometimes called numbered paint, is only a basis for study, or a guideline in the realization of your works on canvas.
Indeed, with a little more experience you will discover that it is quite possible not to always take into account the indications of each painting area, but rather to let your imagination and creativity run free. When you have more experience, you can use the ZigZag method to blur the transitions between each
color zone. Nothing better to ease your stress and anxiety.  We call this at Paint By Numbers Paradise relaxation through art.

Numerous paint by numbers themes and over 1,500 designs to satisfy all your desires

Give free rein to your desires and discover our wide choice of paint by numbers kits. Choose the category that interests you! Whether you like animals, birds, landscapes, cities, flowers, people, or if you dream of reproducing a master painting, let yourself be tempted by the experience. Each kit contains a numbered, high-quality canvas, matching paint pots, brushes and a miniature photo to guide you. Available in several sizes (from the smallest to the largest), our kits also come with an optional stretcher to support the canvas and allow you to mount it on a wall as decoration.

A photo of your choice in a personalized numbered painting

Why not turn your favorite memories into works of art? Create your own custom paint-by-numbers kit based on a photo! A wedding photo, your children or grandchildren, a vacation memory and many more, don't wait any longer to personalize your kit. These canvases will perfectly dress up your home or make excellent gifts for your loved ones who will surely recognize your talent!

Painting by numbers, an entertaining and original gift

Treat your loved ones to the original and useful gift of painting by numbers.

Painting by numbers, an artistic and creative activity that also promotes sharing

If you are particularly happy with your work, then feel free to share your numbered painting on our website in the "Customer Reviews" section. The practice of an Art is of course very good for your personal development, but also a way to express emotions and what could be better than sharing a finished product within the Paint By Numbers Paradise community.

Choose now among our different themes the paint by numbers kits that suit you.