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Let Your Creative Side Run Free With Paint By Numbers

Let Your Creative Side Run Free With Paint By Numbers

Remember when you were a little kid, and you could spend your free time being creative? What did you do? Did you build magnificent structures, or did you create wondrous works of art?

As you grew up, you probably had less time for the hobbies you once loved. And now, as an adult, what is your creative outlet? Everyone needs a way to express their creativity, especially when adulthood can be so stressful.

So what's the perfect way to get back into a creative mode? A paint by numbers activity! Even if you aren't the most artistic, a paint by numbers can be a great way to let some of those creative juices flow.

Find out all the benefits of a paint by numbers craft and why you should take it up as your next hobby.

What Is a Paint By Numbers Craft and How Do You Complete One?

Painting by numbers is a method of painting in which the final image is divided into smaller sections, all denoting a number. Each number corresponds to a color in the paint palette.

You complete the image by adding the colors to their designated number. The shapes that once seemed random will be filled with color and show off a finished painting.

This approach has been seen as simple and formulaic and, because of this, is often marketed towards children. While this is a great option for children, it can also be a wonderful option for adults.

Whether you're looking to build your skill level or need to take time for yourself, a paint by numbers craft is one of your best options.

Great for All Skill Levels

It's true that painting takes great skill, but all artists have to start somewhere. Paint by numbers can be an excellent introduction for beginner artists to learn about shapes, colors, and mixing tones.

All paintings are about building from layers of colors, and that's what paint by numbers does. Anyone from children to adults can benefit from learning through this simple method.

And if you are already a skilled artist, that doesn't mean you don't get to a paint by numbers craft as well. These crafts can help maintain your skill level by practicing the basics of paintings.

You also get to create something without having to put much thought or prep into it, which can be a great break from more intricate pieces of art.

Methodical Painting Is Like Meditation

Any artist can vouch that creating art can be a calming practice, especially once you get into it; creating can feel like meditating. But painting by numbers can take that feeling of meditation to the next level.

The methodical tasks of matching numbers to colors and slowly filling the shapes can easily suck you in, filling your afternoon or evening with a calming and fun activity.

Painting by numbers gives you the chance to immerse yourself in the creativity of the project, leaving behind other stressors or tasks for the time being.

This activity gives your brain a chance to focus on a single task while letting some of the worries of everyday life slip away.

It Can Act as Self-Care

Once you get good at meditation, it's one of the best forms of self-care. Painting by numbers is a calming, repetitive activity that can often feel like meditation after you do it for a while.

You can take the time you need to complete the paint by numbers as time for yourself. Make the activity as relaxing as possible. You can light candles, play relaxing music, or catch up on your favorite show.

Anything that will make you feel like you're looking after yourself. Paint by numbers is such a simple task that it can be paired alongside almost anything.

It can also be a portable activity, so take your project to a serene lake or up into the mountains to complete.

Do It at Your Own Pace

There aren't a lot of pieces of art that have been completed in a day, and paint by numbers is no exception. You can complete these projects at your own pace, which is one of the best benefits for new and improving artists.

Take the time to make sure your lines are clean and that your colors are mixed properly. Or maybe you want to spread the project out over a few weeks, so you only do an hour a day.

Maybe life has gotten busy, and you need to put the project aside for a while. Every paint by numbers project can be done at your own pace and can accommodate anything else going on in your life.

Tips for Your First Paint By Numbers

Some paint by number kits will only have one brush that's small so that you can paint the tiny details of the image. However, this can make painting large areas feel tedious, so you might want to purchase larger brushes as well.

It's always a good idea to start with the darkest color in the painting then work your way to the lightest. This method can help you grasp the basics of color tone and chroma.

Have a jar of water for rinsing your brush and a cloth for drying your brush. When cleaning in the water, dunk the tip in rather than the entire brush.

Painting is a slow craft, so be patient and gentle when painting your sections. Pushing hard can ruin the brush, splaying the hair out and ruining the tip. The key is gentle and even pressure.

Renew Your Creativity

As an adult, it can be hard to make time for hobbies when there's so much else demanding our attention. But taking time out of your day to be creative can be a benefit to your overall well-being.

Paint by numbers might be the perfect craft you need to renew your dormant creativity. You can take your time and do it at your own skill level while still allowing yourself to have a creative outlet.

Ready to let your creative juices flow? Browse our collection of beautiful paint by numbers crafts waiting for you to bring them to life.

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