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19 Tips For Painting By Numbers

19 Tips For Painting By Numbers

You want to start this new activity? Are you a beginner and want all the tips?

Not following some simple rules can make the experience less interesting.

But don't panic, we are passionate about this activity and know exactly how to help you.

Let's find out the tips that will help you avoid some beginner's pitfalls. 

Tip 1: Use the brush tip

Before you start painting, you need to know how to use your brush properly. We recommend that you use only the tip of the brush for the following reasons:

  • It will allow you to use less paint and therefore avoid waste
  • You will make cleaning the brush easier, as there will be less paint
  • Avoid ending up with dry paint. 

Tip 2: Start with the larger areas and finish with the smaller ones

This is one of the most important tips. Start your paint by numbers by painting the larger areas and finish with the smaller ones. This will allow you to:

  • Waste less time, as you finish the larger areas and therefore rinse your brush less often.
  • Start to see the "contours" of the final image quickly. 

Tip 3: Take regular pictures

The more you practice this activity, the more you'll look forward to seeing your finished work. You'll be proud as you finish painting each number and get closer to the final result.

What better way to keep track of your paint by numbers than by taking regular pictures to remind yourself of all the steps you've taken. 

Tip 4: Start with the darkest colors

The second important tip is to start with the darkest color first and work your way up to the lightest color. This gives you much more control over the color composition on the canvas. 

Tip 5: Paint one number at a time

Acrylic paint is known to dry quickly, unlike oil paint. We recommend that you use one color at a time. This way, only one can of paint is opened at a time. This will prevent unused paint cans from drying out. 

Tip 6: Smooth out wrinkles and creases

Before you begin your masterpiece, it is a good idea to iron your canvas to make it smooth. It is important to set the iron temperature correctly so as not to damage the canvas. This trick will remove wrinkles, giving you a smooth surface. 

Tip 7: Good Lighting

Do you start a painting by number? Each number represents a color. It is important to do your number painting in a well-lit room. Indeed, this will allow you to make mistakes on the numbers and therefore paint an area with a bad paint.

In addition, for complex paint-by-numbers, that is to say with a lot of detail and therefore small different areas, we recommend that you also use a magnifying glass and an extra lamp to be able to work with more precision.

When choosing your room to do this activity, it is important to take into consideration the shadows. To avoid this, it is best to use indirect light from a lamp suspended from the ceiling.

In cases where it is possible, it is best to use daylight to do this activity. If this is not possible, be sure to move to the brightest room. 

Tip 8: Clean your brushes thoroughly between colors

After finishing a specific area, you should always wash your brushes properly before moving on to the next area. This will prevent you from mixing colors and damaging the purity of the paint. 

Tip 9: Keep your brush wet

Wet your brush before dipping it into one of the paint pots. We recommend dipping the brush in a glass of water and then wiping off the excess water with a paper towel (or napkin) before dipping the brush tip into the paint can. 

Tip 10: Set up in a comfortable area

As we discussed in a previous section, it's important to set up in a well-lit, comfortable space. It's also important to set up in a space where you won't be too disturbed. This will allow you to do this activity for longer and you will discover the true relaxation of paint by numbers.

It is important to mention that posture is very important. Indeed, you should not think too much forward. Of course, it is important to have a good view of the areas you need to paint. However, poor posture can quickly lead to an uncomfortable sitting position, or neck and back pain. So pay attention to your posture and take the time to stretch from time to time.

To avoid all of this, we recommend that you take a small easel so that you have a better posture as well as a good view of the areas to be painted. 

Tip 11: Protect the work area

Even if you are careful not to go over the areas, the desk or table may get dirty from time to time.

We recommend that you protect the surface of your work surface so that you don't have to clean it afterwards. It is true that acrylic paint is quite easy to remove, but it is better to avoid this extra work. So cover anything you don't want to get dirty, so you don't have to worry about it. 

Tip 12: Use nail polish remover to clean up

Did you accidentally get paint in the wrong place? No problem! Acrylic paint can be easily removed, as it is water-based paint. Don't wipe away the stains, but gently dab around the area where the acrylic paint is. 

Tip 13: Use water for your dry paint

Sometimes, for example, after leaving the can open, the paint can become harder and more viscous. Simply add two drops of warm water to the paint and it will come back to life! To prevent the paint from drying out, it is advisable to paint one color at a time and always check to see if the paint cans are properly closed. This will prevent this problem from occurring. 

Tip 14: Use toothpicks as brushes

Some paint-by-numbers are for experts and therefore have a lot of detail and small areas. To be able to paint the narrow areas without sticking out, we recommend using toothpicks as brushes. 

Tip 15: Water and Paper Towel

When painting, it is important to have a small glass of water and a towel nearby. This will allow you to rinse your brushes a little wet.

Make sure the paint doesn't dry in the brushes, as it will be more difficult to remove later.

Want to change the color? Use the glass of water to rinse your brushes well. Then dry the bristles of your brush with paper towels. Repeat the process with water and the cloth several times to wash the color out. This will prevent you from mixing the colors. 

Tip 16: Use one color at a time

You want to paint by number, so you'll use each color individually. This will keep you from:

  • Mixing colors;
  • Rinsing the brush too often;
  • Having one can of paint open at a time, which will prevent it from drying out;
  • Wasting paint, as there is always a small amount left in the brush that you will rinse. 

Tip 17: Relaxing Music

An important tip for painting by number is a little more personal, but many people find it more comfortable to paint while listening to relaxing music. This way they can relax and focus on painting.

Turn on the music as you begin to prepare your tools and workspace. This will put you in a good mood. Also, turn off your cell phone so you can't be reached for a while. This will keep you focused. 

Tip 18: Start with large areas

Most people start by painting the largest areas. This allows you to see the advances immediately and therefore see the final result take shape as you go along. 

Tip 19: Paint from darkest to lightest

It's a good idea to start with the darker colors. This usually gives you a quick idea of what the whole thing will look like in the end. 

To conclude

As you can see, there are many tips to know about painting by number.

With all this information, you have many more ways to do this activity with confidence. The more painting you do, the more confidence you will gain.

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